Here you will find videoinstructions, how to work with uKit website builder.

Videoinstructions to creating website

You will learn how to work with uKit website builder. How to set up SSL certificate, work with blocks, how to choose template and create your own profesional looking website.

Sign up on uKit

Signing up into uKit is really simple and fast. There are just few steps. You do not need any personal informations, necessary is only e-mail address.

  • Nice and simple
  • Takes only few minutes
  • You need only e-mail

Basic work with blocks

In this shor video I will show you basic work with blocks. How to put basic text and image blocks on site and customize them.

  • Basic work with blocks
  • Text edit
  • Adding images
  • Preview of site

Create a website on pro level on your own and present yourself with modern, safe and responsive website.